webster tower

Webster Tower is a 10-story circular hi-rise apartment with two stories of commercial and retail space in San Francisco.

The original EIFS cladding was improperly installed, and some of the panels dislodged and blew off in heavy winds.  To resolve this, the building installed supplementary windlock fasteners to each panel and then filled the holes with a silicone sealant before recoating the building.  Due to differential dirt pickup between the locations where the fasteners were covered with sealant and the rest of the panel, each fastener telegraphed through the coating, giving a polka dot appearance.  To recreate a uniform finish, the walls were thoroughly washed, and two coats of siliconized elastomeric coating were applied to the entire building exterior.

In addition, the metal window frames were primed with a rust-inhibitve metal primer, and finish-coated with Dunn Edwards Ultrashield Urethane ULSH60